A New Place to Thrive

It was a new church that I felt compelled to visit.   It wasn’t a new church as in being newly established or even new to the area.  It was new to me.

I’ve lived and/or worked in this area for over 40 years.  The church, I understand, has been here for about ten – on a main street that I use at least once a week –  and yet I hadn’t noticed it until now; when I am searching for a permanent spiritual home.

So 3-4 weeks ago, I looked up and there was this church and my only thought was “where did that come from?”.  I decided to visit.  Two Sundays later I was sitting in one of the pews completely enthralled with the service and the people around me.  This was a full spiritual experience.

I left exhilirated and uplifted.

I went back yesterday.

I believe I’ll go again.  This is what church should feel like.  It’s friendly, warm and light – easy to enter, hard to leave; a lot of good music and good teaching in between.

…talk to you soon.

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