Putting It On Paper

I love writing.  I love it so much that I think every thought, every sensation, every interaction should be written and saved for prosperity.   I read newly written articles aloud to anyone and everyone within hearing distance.  I’ll read my latest notes over the phone, under the cover of darkness, to tired people who, just getting in from work, really just want a hot meal and a comfortable bed to lie in.  I’m inconsiderate, so I call anyway.  Then I wait for the applause.  “Oooooh, that’s GOOD!” is what I hear in my head. Who knows what they really said?  Or maybe they fell asleep.   Heh, heh.

On this site I’ll talk about things that interest me.  I’m no expert in any of them.  Who knows life?  We’ll talk about science, space, politics, sadness, church, people – you know – everything.  Stay with me.

Sometimes frustration about this or that gets me wondering how society has changed since 1950.  Or not.  Maybe it’s the same but looks different, uses a different language, lives in a different house.  Well

Maybe you’ll laugh sometimes.  Preferably once a week (on Mondays) you’ll laugh out loud.  And people will come to see what you’re laughing at.  They’ll read my blog and go…

Check back with me next Monday.  Surely there’ll be something here worth reading.

To all my new friends, Hi.  Pleased to meet you.  Hope you’ll be around a long time.

Oh!! Some interesting people will contribute from time to time.  They’ll discuss things like psychology, medicine/health, science, space, people, family, food, etc.  All the things that equate to living.

This is the space where I share the better part of myself.



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